Gatherall Bra


Gatherall bra is more than a bra - it’s a reusable medical grade adhesive silicone bra that gives you strapless, backless, wireless, washable, reusable and flexible support.

Here to uplift breasts and women of all naturally beautiful shapes and sizes.

How to use:

Cleanse and dry your breasts to make it a smooth start. No lotion needed.

Collect the plastic film from the bra and place it back in the tube. You’ll need it again.

The cup size letter will face upwards when you place it on. 

Place the round circles in each cup where your nipples are.  

Cup the bra in your hand and press firmly from the outer edges inward. For extra cleavage? Place your nipples towards the thicker, inner part of the cup. Remember this bra is not meant to cover your underboob.

After using place the plastic film back on it, roll and place in the tube.

If washing is needed we recommend Gather Antibactewrial Soap.


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